RAC is a nonprofit state professional organization that promotes the scientific and professional advancement of the study and art of Reflexology and the safety of the public on behalf of its members and society. Membership in RAC is open to all Reflexologists and other interested parties regardless of educational program attended or techniques used or location.

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Our Story

In March 1989, the first statewide meeting was held to discuss issues facing the field of Reflexology. Three authors, eight teachers, five schools or methodologies, two associations and three states were represented among the thirty participating Reflexologists.

Over the next three years, several meetings were held in the Los Angeles area and Sacramento to discuss by-laws, legislation, membership, communication, licensing, standards and goals.

Since its founding in April, 1992, by a small core group of practitioners, teachers and supporters, the Reflexology Association of California has grown to become a globally recognized organization known for its integrity and dedication to Reflexology.

The Reflexology Association of California is committed to advancing the profession of Reflexology through continuing education, legislative activity, and developing public awareness of the benefits of Reflexology.

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