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The Reflexology Association of California is a non-profit professional organization committed to assisting each member to realize their vision, bringing our community of Reflexologists together through shared activities and enhancing our profession as a whole through education, communication and action.

ocean beachWelcome to our website! We’re glad you’ve found us. The natural health benefits of Reflexology are being sought after and enjoyed more than ever before and our organization is dedicated to expanding the public’s awareness and knowledge about Reflexology and assisting Reflexologists in California with information, networking and continuing education opportunities with the goal of helping them maintain a successful practice.

Our Association is strong and there has never been a more exciting time to join—whatever your goals, let us help you achieve them!

We have three levels of membership, Professional, Practitioner and Associate.

If you wish to find out how to become a Reflexologist, please see our Education page. If you have questions about the legalities of practising Reflexology in California, please see our Legislation page and to find a certified Reflexologist in California, see either our Northern California or Southern California Directory of member Reflexologists.

A big Thank You to all who helped make our sold-out 2017 Conference a big success!

We welcome your ideas, your energy, and your voice—whether you decide to be involved in large or small ways, or just want to be better informed! Contact us to get involved or with any questions you might have. Make a donation or buy a RAC Tote Bag or Mug and support RAC! Just click on the tote bag image to go shopping!

RAC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. However, your donation is not tax-deductible. Consult a tax professional.

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